Physical and Materials’ security

Security is the company’s principal asset and therefore, forms the cornerstone of its operations. In recognition of this overwhelming importance of security, the company has continually refined its security requirements for product features, procedures, skills, personnel training and orientation. Security features of banknotes, cheques, drafts and other security documents are periodically updated to impede counterfeiting and forgery. To further enhance the security facilities, the company has an in-house forgery detection unit.

The in-house administration of security of the premises and products is equally detailed, strict and total.

Both physical and Materials’ security of the premises is ensured through the use of the most up-to-date electronic surveillance equipment, supported by adequate and well-trained security staff.

Materials Security safeguards the security of all products through every stage of manufacture. Work is counted in and out of departments by a combination of machines and manual checking. Accountability is total. Waste generated during production is sent to a centralized section where it is kept under strict security condition until the order is completed and a balance struck.

Such waste is destroyed and representatives of government, banks and other customers are free to attend the destruction of waste materials if they so wish.