Security documents

Security documents from the second major product line of the MINT account for about 25% of the company’s business. This product line involves the production of bank drafts, cheques, stamps, aerogramme, diplomatic documents and treasury bills. And we are proud to say that we endeavour to meet the national demands for all these products. For example, in a particular year, we produced over 100 million bank cheques and over 300 million postage stamps.

Also grouped under the security documents product line is a wide variety of revenue collection and regulation instruments such as customs and immigration documents, toll collection and entertainment tickets, tax receipts, examination papers, educational certificates, gift and fuel vouchers, purchase orders and lottery tickets. Other documents include ballot papers and election materials that require security printing.


Motor Vehicle Documents

The MINT produces millions of motor vehicle documents every year for the Federal Government, Parastatals and Insurance companies. These documents range from vehicle licences, insurance papers to road worthiness certificates.

All our designs are aesthetic and have functional utility value. We bring our unique knowledge of security papers and printing to bear on all our products. We provide effective solutions which protects the integrity of both the documents and the user. Documents can be produced with copy sheets or on carriage-mounted continuous forms, with perforations or bound into books.


The MINT integrates security designs into each document to make it forgery-proof. We combine our expertise in papers, lamination films, holograms, and security printing techniques into each document. Micro lettering is also used for most motor vehicle documents.


The MINT produces certificates and bonds with the finest security papers. These range from academic, loan, shares, stocks, and tax certificates to mortgage bonds, etc. Our fully digital design studio uses special software to create standard and bespoke designs. Great importance is placed on quality control.b Our designs come with impressive motifs and excellent print quality.

Each document is analysed and the appropriate features are matched and selected to protect the product from forgery. We have versatile equipment suited for many formats of security document. The cutting edge of technology is used from start to finish.

We have the production capability to input any level of security features required in any document.


  • Precise security patterns.
  • Generic watermarks.
  • 3D holograms.
  • Optically visible devices.
  • Various types of reactive inks
  • Other embedded features.


The MINT is equipped with state-of-the-art passport production machine. We produce all the international passports issued by the Federal government of Nigeria. The volume produced each year runs into millions of copies.All passports are Machine Readable Passports (MRP). They all conform to the specification set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Pages can be perforated according to client’s specifications.


  • Special anti-counterfeit devices.
  • Rainbow  print techniques.
  • Use of visible and invisible links which fluorescent under ultra-violet lights.
  • Special security lamination films.


Special security line structures and rainbow printing technique.

  1. Fugitive inks and sensitised papers that highlight fraudulent alterations.
  2. Fluorescence can also be used to detect and protect against mechanical erasure.
  3. Intaglio printing can be incorporated into documents with high face value.
  4. Holograms also add a further dimension to security of cheques and drafts.



At the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Plc, we produce a wide range of cheques designed using cutting-edge security technologies which gives our documents maximum protection against counterfeiters. Our cheques come in varying sizes and can be delivered as cut sheet, flow line or multipart variants. We also produce both small and large volume orders depending on the client and size of operations.


 Customers worldwide place their trust in the wide-ranging expertise and longstanding experience of NSPM Plc when it comes to manufacturing postage stamps. The production of stamps is one of the company’s traditional areas of business. Our skills go far beyond the products themselves, however; starting with advice when planning a new series of stamps, We offers our customers comprehensive services ranging from design, printing, and perforation through to marketing.

Alongside traditional water-activated postage stamps, the easy-to-use self-adhesive stamps are becoming increasingly popular. This type of stamp can be sold in practical booklets of 10 or 20, and provides a faster and simpler way of sending mail. The reverse side of the booklet can also be used for advertising.


Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

The MINT produces examination papers for various examination bodies and institutions with complete confidentiality. We ensure the highest standards of production. Hi-tech state-of-the-art printing machines. On-line folding, perforating, gluing, trimming, stitching and stacking. Efficient and highly skilled workforce. New technologies are constantly being explored. Digital storage of manuscripts. Established standards of reliability and integrity.


  • Computerized access control and monitoring systems strategically situated throughout the premises. Round the clock monitoring of recording.
  • Effective CCTV surveillance and recording. Complex intruder alarm systems.
  • Completed jobs are delivered either by the company or by other approved security service organizations.